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Is there any simple and effective way to prevent the bathroom mirror from fogging

- 2022-01-07 -

About bathroom mirror:


Is there any simple and effective way to prevent the bathroom mirror from fogging?


There is an anti-fog film tailored for bathroom mirrors on the market. This is a translucent polyester film that can generate heat after power on. The special conductive heating material is sealed in two layers of polyester film. It also applies electric heating effect. The thickness of the anti-fog film is about 0.4 mm.

bathroom mirror

It is attached to the back of the bathroom mirror before use. Start from one end and apply it as flat as possible. The power switch of the anti-fog film should be connected in parallel with the front light of the mirror for convenient use.


How to buy a bathroom mirror?




Because the appearances of "silver mirrors" and "aluminum mirrors" are very similar, some operators took the opportunity to charge "silver" with "aluminum", and the price was not true. Because of the difficulty of identification or negligence in selection, consumers may suffer losses. The "silver mirror" uses silver as the electroplating component, while the "aluminum mirror" uses metal aluminum. The difference in material selection and production process makes the two bathroom mirrors still quite different. Price A: The price of "silver mirror" is much higher than that of "aluminum mirror". "Silver mirror" sells for about 300 yuan/square meter, and "aluminum mirror" sells for about 150 yuan/square meter. B Brightness: The refraction performance of "Silver Mirror" is better than that of "Aluminum Mirror". Under the same light intensity, the "Silver Mirror" will appear brighter.


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