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China Led mirror OEM


COLOR TEMPERATURE: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K

SIZES: 500x700mm, 600x800mm, 700x900mm, 700x1000mm, 600x1200mm etc.


  NORMAL TYPE   >80   >100lm/w   >80%   >15000 hours
  BETTER TYPE   >90   >100lm/w   >95%   >50000 hours

China Led mirror OEM - ZIHAN

China Led mirror OEM





  Height     800 mm  
  Width       600 mm  
  Mirror Thickness       35 mm  
  Weight      15 kg  


Technical & Features

  Material    Mirror with metal frame  
  Mirror type   Silver and copper free mirror  
  Shape   Rectangular  
  Demister pad   Available  
  Switch type   Touch sensor  
  Lamp base   Led strips  
  Bluetooth   No  
  Lamp life   15000-50000 hours  
  110V-240V, 50/60Hz  
  Back Structure   Metal & Aluminum  
  Frame Depth   35 mm  
  Frame Material   Metal  
  Frame Finish   Black  
  Orientation   Vertical & Horizontal  
  Fixing kit included   Yes  
  Hanging rotation   Vertical & Horizontal  
  Doors   No  
  Package   Individual carton box  
  Extra service   OEM  

ZIHAN China Led mirror OEM


In order to take care of yourself better in the bathroom, so that you can have a better image, many people are very concerned about Led mirror. Although led mirror looks similar to ordinary mirrors, it has unique functions during use, and this knowledge needs to be enriched during use.


First, the antifogging effect of Led mirror is very good. As a mirror specially used in the bathroom, the antifogging function is particularly good. A large amount of water vapor will be generated during the bathing process. If it is an ordinary mirror, it will fog is generated, making it impossible to see the inside. But the LED mirror will not fog up.


Second, the waterproof effect of the LED mirror is very good, because the water inside the bathroom is very much, so when paying attention to the part of the use of the LED mirror, it is very important to coat the back of the mirror with waterproof material. It can be avoided in the specific use process When the mirror is exposed to moisture for a long time, the problem of mildew occurs.


Third, the anti-rust effect of the LED mirror is very good. Because the bathroom mirror is prone to long-term contact with moisture in the bathroom, some materials of the mirror are prone to rust. But when you understand the function of this led mirror, you can know that the LED mirror is in specific The anti-corrosion aspect is also very good.


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