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Round Backlit Mirror


-Availability of dimmable

-Optional of CCT changeable

-CRI optional from ≥80/90

-Mirror size can be customized

-Optional of LED Clock and Bluetooth Speaker


China Customized Round Backlit Mirror Manufacturers, Suppliers, Factory - Made in China - WINER M&G Led Mirror



About Round Backlit Mirror


This round backlit mirror has 3000K color temperature, used a single touch IP44 box at backside, built-in CV driver integrated. It is extremely simple in function and design.


But not only these, you can also add any functions you want to add, such as Bluetooth, anti fog film, etc. On touch screen, two buttons or three buttons for different function is all possible to add, can give your smart control during using time.


In additional, the mirror surface is in high quality copper free mirror and each mirror is treated with high viscosity explosion-proof film, effectively protecting personal safety.


The mirror surface has a frosted surface design, and the hand-made sanding treatment is used to make the carving edge more beautiful and even.



-Built in touch sensor with 10,000 times Life Test


-No maintenance, very easy to clean.

-Frosted design around



-Availability of dimmable

-Optional of CCT changeable

-CRI optional from ≥80/90

-Mirror size can be customized

-Optional of LED Clock and Bluetooth Speaker

-Optional of fog resistant, with heated demister pad, keep away from fuzzy images.





Round backlit mirror

Model Number


Mirror Quality

SGS approved 5mm Copper-free, Corrosion-resistant Mirror

Rated Input

220-240V/100V-240V 50/60HZ


Sizes are customized as per your needs


4000K and CRI≥80


CE, UL&ETL, IP44, RoHs


Build-in UL LED Driver


Bedroom, Bathroom, Hotel, DressingRoom, Home Decoration etc



Question 1: can we print our trademark / website / company name on the product?

A: Yes, please tell us the size of the trademark and Pantone code.


Question2: have you checked the finished product?

A: Yes, every step of production and finished products will be inspected by quality control department before shipment.


Question 3: are you a real factory?  

A: Yes, we are a factory with nearly 20 years of production experience. You are welcome at any time.


WINER M&G Led Mirror


Inset Direct Lighted Oval Shape Led Mirror plays an important role in people's life. People use it almost every day. Nowadays, Inset Direct Lighted Oval Shape Led Mirror generally belongs to vitreous body. It is easy to break when it is collided. Therefore, when people use it, they must understand some daily knowledge so that it can be used better.


Winer M & G is a professional manufacturer of framed mirror, bathroom mirror and led mirror. It is a mirror factory in China. Focus on the production of high-quality new products, perfect specifications, accept customer service. We will be your reliable partner with reliable product quality and excellent customer service. The company has a strong technical force, experienced professional R & D team.


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