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Wall Mirror with LED Lights


Model Number:M701

Mirror Quality:SGS approved 5mm Copper-free, Corrosion-resistant Mirror

Rated Input:100V-240V/220-240V  50/60HZ

Standard:4000K and CRI≥80

Certificates:CE, UL&ETL, IP44, RoHs

China Customized Wall Mirror with LED Lights Manufacturers, Suppliers, Factory - Made in China - WINER M&G

product description

Getting inspiration from Chinese mysterious eight diagram, which stands for the balance of strength, we design this Wall Mirror with LED Lights in a similar shape of slender octagon for bringing the elegant and balanced style to your room. 

This mirror actually has no borders. However, because of the design of the lighting area inside the mirror which leaves a certain margin to the mirror, the whole mirror seems to have a delicate frame especially when the light is on.



-Design of special octagonal shape

-Built in touch sensor with 10,000 times Life Test




-Availability of dimmable and CCT changeable

-Double or three color changable

-CRI optional from ≥80/90 

-Optional of anti-foggy film 

-Optional of LED Clock and Bluetooth Speaker

-Switch: on/off touch switch, dimming touch sensor, infrared, pull switch;





Wall Mirror with LED Lights

Model Number:


Mirror Quality:

SGS approved 5mm Copper-free, Corrosion-resistant Mirror

Rated Input:

100V-240V/220-240V  50/60HZ


W520*H916mm ( W20.5 * H23.6 inch )
Sizes are customized as per your needs


4000K and CRI≥80


CE, UL&ETL, IP44, RoHs


WINER M&G Framed Led Mirror


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When people place Rectangle Bathroom Led Mirror on a flat surface, they should not put it in a rough place, so as to avoid product fragmentation due to unstable place. When people hold Rectangle Bathroom Led Mirror with their hands, they should try not to use their hands to touch the part of the mirror to avoid oxidation of Rectangle Bathroom Led Mirror. Some people love to spray on it, which is a very bad habit and needs to be changed.

Winer M & G is a professional manufacturer of framed mirror, bathroom mirror and led mirror. It is a mirror factory in China.Focus on the production of high-quality new products, perfect specifications, accept customer service.We will be your reliable partner with reliable product quality and excellent customer service. The company has a strong technical force, experienced professional R & D team.

Welcome new and old customers to inquire and purchase our products 



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