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Wall Mounted Illuminated Mirror


-Optional of dimmable

-Optional of CCT changeable

-CRI optional from ≥80/90

-LED Digital Clock, LED Night Light;


China Customized Wall Mounted Illuminated Mirror Manufacturers, Suppliers, Factory


About Customized Wall Mounted Illuminated Mirror Manufacturers

Are you looking for a way to make your bathroom more efficient and stylish? WINER M&G may be your answer. These mirrors are equipped with LED lights that can be controlled through an app or computer. This means that you can adjust the brightness, color, and even the amount of light that is emitted from the mirror. This can help to make your bathroom more comfortable and organized.

This is a modern simple and elegant wall mounted illuminated mirror, compare to the traditional touch mirror on the market. This is a IR sensor mirror. Its advantage is combine the mirror and lighting in this product, and as its usually widely used in bathroom, it IP44 waterproof grade, so you don't need to care about whether your hands are wet. When you want to use it, you can turn on the mirror light by gently sweeping at the sensing place. In addition, we can install the sensor under or on the side of the mirror according to your requirements.

We have also installed a time module under the mirror to let you know the time at any time. In addition, you can add a date and temperature module to customize as what you want.


-Built in IR sensor with 10,000 times Life Test


-No maintenance, very easy to clean.

-Top frosted design


-Optional of dimmable

-Optional of CCT changeable

-CRI optional from ≥80/90

-LED Digital Clock, LED Night Light;

-Mirror size can be customized

-Optional of fog resistant, with heated demister pad, keep away from fuzzy images.



Wall mounted illuminated mirror

Model Number


Mirror Quality

SGS approved 5mm Copper-free,   Corrosion-resistant Mirror

Rated Input

220-240V/100V-240V 50/60HZ


W800*H650mm ( W31.5 * H25.6 inch )
  W1000*H700mm (W39.4* H27.6 inch )

Sizes are customized as per your needs


4000K and CRI≥80


CE, UL&ETL, IP44, RoHs


Build-in UL LED Driver


Bedroom, Bathroom, Hotel Dressing Room;   Home Decoration etc


Q1: Does this mirror have a back cover?

There is no cover plate on the back of our mirror, because there is an aluminum alloy electrical box behind us, which has reached IP44 waterproof level, no need for cover plate, and the cover plate only plays the role of physical waterproof.


Q2: How to install the mirror? Is it easy?

Our mirror installation is very simple, because we use the hook type behind, you can directly hang on the wall.


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