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Provide various of bathroom mirrors, led mirror, frame mirror, vanity cabinet with professional services

- 2021-10-12 -

China bathroom mirrors manufacturer, supplier, factory



WINER M&G specializes in led mirrors, bathroom mirror, bevel mirror, framed mirror, customized mirrors, led makeup mirror, and also mirror cabinet, vanity cabinet etc. All products designed and manufactured in China.


WINER M&G mirrors expand your room space and maximize natural light, opening up the room with a feeling of more space. Place our mirror opposite a window or behind a pendant or table lamp to help cast diffused light throughout the room with a unique, inviting look.


WINER M&G acts as a representative on behalf of the client. Each and every client begins with unique requirements, and the acquisition team at WINER M&G is always ready to provide individual and high quality solutions to suit specific needs. 


led mirror


China led mirror manufacturer, supplier, factory



CONTRACT MANUFACTURING: WINER M&G have the experience, capability, and R&D resources to make any OEM/OEM integration a glowing success! WINER M&G is an extremely versatile bathroom solution provider with the ability to bring your concepts and ideas into viable computing solutions. We work with individuals and companies at all stages of design and manufacture, from concept to finish, in a highly focused effort to bring industry level products and services to you.


PRIVATE LABELLING: WINER M&G provides our customers the chance to modify our existing package of products to suit their needs. Allowed modifications include: the addition of your logo, a change in product design, an alteration to a product’s existing shape, and changes to existing features or functions.


FULL-SERVICE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: We are always engaged in providing the full service of bathroom solutions. Our engineers and staff provide services across the entirety of the product life cycle: definition, design, alteration, and development. We can work with you to develop an item that perfectly suits your needs and desires. If you need something designed for home decor or bathroom decorations, why settle for less than the best?


PROJECTS: Since the establishment of the company, we have undertaken a number of projects, such as real estate, hotel, B&B, government affordable housing and so on. Everything begins with our pursuit and yearning for beauty. We are committed to making more perfect products and providing better service.



Every single item sold by WINER M&G will have the quality warranty in order to assure you the good quality products and provide after sales services.


Different items have different warranty years.


Mirror is a easy broken product, so we provide return and replacement services once we confirmed that’s the shipping and package problem at our side.


China vanity cabinet manufacturer, supplier, factory



1) Led mirror: frameless led mirror, framed led mirror, bathroom led mirror, led illuminated mirror, led backlit mirror, Led magnify mirror, Led bluetooth mirror, Led dressing mirror, full length led mirror, aluminum framed led mirror, led wall mirror

2) Bathroom mirror: bath mirror, bevel mirror, bevelled mirror, round mirror, wall mirror, decorative mirror, irregular shape mirror, asymmetrical mirror, safety mirror, silver mirror, aluminum mirror, copper free mirror, wardrobe door mirror, safety vinyl mirror, wave mirror, S shape mirror, silkscreen print mirror

3) Frame mirror: metal frame mirror, round metal frame mirror, rectangle metal frame mirror, aluminum frame mirror, stainless steel frame mirror, full length frame mirror, full length dressing frame mirror, black frame mirror, golden frame mirror

4) Bathroom vanity cabinet: vanity cabinet, plywood cabinet, led vanity cabinet, solid wood bathroom cabinet, led mirror vanity cabinet, vanity cabinet with led mirror

5) Led makeup mirror: desktop led mirror, desktop led makeup mirror, tabletop make mirror with led,

6) Other bathroom accessories: soap dispenser, glass shelf, shower door, back painted glass, shower screen, tempered glass etc. 

Order Led bathroom mirror, Led framed mirror, choose WINER M&G, a professional leading led bathroom mirror Supplier, led framed mirror Manufacturers. The products are of good quality and low price. They are exported to dozens of countries and regions and are trustworthy.

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