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How to maintain the bathroom mirror

- 2021-12-28 -

About bathroom mirror:


How to maintain the bathroom mirror


The bathroom mirror is generally trimmed before use. Water vapor will easily enter the mirror surface from the side cut by the glass knife, corrode the mirror surface, and produce mildew and rust spots. Therefore, after buying the mirror, apply a layer of lacquer on the side of the mirror and also on the back.

bathroom mirror

In terms of materials, bathroom mirrors are divided into two types: aluminum mirrors and silver mirrors. When choosing a bathroom mirror, we try to choose a silver mirror. The mercury density is high, it fits closely with the glass, it is not easy to enter water and moisture, and can be used for a long time. At present, most of the waterproof mirrors on the market are silver mirrors. The following aspects should be paid attention to for the maintenance of the bathroom mirror:


1. Do not touch the bathroom mirror with wet hands, and do not wipe the bathroom mirror with a damp cloth to avoid increased moisture pouring;


2. The bathroom mirror should not be exposed to salt, grease and acidic substances, which are easy to corrode the mirror surface;


3. Wipe the mirror surface with a soft dry cloth or cotton to prevent the mirror surface from being rubbed;


4. Use a soft cloth or emery cloth, dipped in some kerosene or wax to wipe;, wipe the bathroom mirror and mirror frame with a rag dipped in milk to make it clear and bright;


5. Before taking a bath, apply soap to the mirror surface, and then wipe it with a dry cloth. A layer of soap liquid film is formed on the mirror surface to prevent blurring of the mirror surface;


6. Dip an appropriate amount of detergent with a dry cloth and smear it on the mirror surface, and wipe it evenly. The active ingredients contained in the detergent can effectively prevent water vapor from condensing on the mirror surface and have a good anti-fog effect;


7. You can also use astringent lotion or detergent; 9. Wipe with oil-absorbent tissue, the effect is good. There are so many tips on bathroom mirror maintenance for everyone. I hope everyone reads the above bathroom mirror maintenance tips to help you maintain the bathroom mirror. It can make your bathroom life full of transparency and brighten your daily life.


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