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What are the precautions for using Bathroom Cabinet

- 2022-01-14 -

About Bathroom Cabinet:


What are the precautions for using Bathroom Cabinet?


1. When the Bathroom Cabinet is transported, it should be gently lifted and placed, and should not be dragged hard; when placed, the ground should be uneven, and the legs should be firmly cushioned.

Bathroom Cabinet

2. Do not place the Bathroom Cabinet in the sun, and do not place it in a dry place too much, and place it in a suitable ventilated place.


3. There are cracks in the bathroom cabinet. You can use paint and pigments to mix them and embed them in order to keep them intact for a long time. However, the putty and pigments should be the same color as the original pigments to avoid scars.


4. Burn marks: The burn marks left by the fireworks on the bathroom cabinet surface. If the paint surface is burnt, wrap a fine-grained hard cloth on the toothpick, wipe the marks lightly, and then apply a thin layer of vinegar to burn the paint. marks can be removed.


5. Scalding marks: There are white scalding marks left on the Bathroom Cabinet. Generally, just wipe it with a cloth moistened with alcohol, toilet water and kerosene.


6. Water stains: Cover the imprints on the Bathroom Cabinet with a damp cloth, and carefully press the damp cloth with an electric iron, and the imprints will disappear.


7. Scratches: If the bathroom cabinet is scratched and does not touch the wood under the paint, you can apply the same color crayon or paint on the wound surface of the cabinet to cover the exposed base color, and then apply a thin layer of transparent nail polish. Just one layer.


8. Always use a soft cloth to remove dust for the Bathroom Cabinet. Before dust removal, apply some spray cleaner to the soft cloth, and do not wipe it with a dry cloth;7. Regular waxing: every 6 to 12 months, apply a layer of wax to the Bathroom Cabinet with cream wax;A To remove the watermark: Spread clean absorbent paper on the water mark on the bathroom cabinet surface, press it with a heating iron, or apply toothpaste, then dry it and wax it.


B To remove white marks: Apply with a cloth moistened with a mixture of soot and lemon juice, wipe dry and wax.


8. Daily cleaning of Bathroom Cabinet: The daily cleaning of the ceramic basin can be cleaned with water, detergent, soapy water, etc.;9. Scratch treatment of ceramic basins in Bathroom Cabinet: The surface of the ceramic basin should be kept clean frequently, and the dust and sand should be removed in time to remove the scratched surface. Repeated wiping of the cloth and waxing will keep the surface of the Bathroom Cabinet as smooth as new.


Due to the environment in which the Bathroom Cabinet is often exposed to water, the environment is relatively humid. Compared with cabinets for other purposes, the Bathroom Cabinet requires more attention to maintenance. Pay more attention to the details to make the Bathroom Cabinet have a long service life.



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