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What is the production process of bathroom cabinets

- 2021-09-18 -

9 steps of bathroom cabinet production process:


1. Pick:


Observe the color and age of the wood with the naked eye. According to the number of bathroom cabinets produced in this batch, select suitable materials for different parts of use. Generally, the appearance is neat and the color is consistent. The surface part of the cabinet is used to make the surface of the cabinet. The joints must be treated with special processes (for example, the joints must be filled with professional filling materials before they can be used for the production of bathroom cabinets) and used on the back of the cabinet or other inconspicuous parts; if any deterioration, deformation or insects are found The decayed condition is discarded to ensure the consistency of the quality of the bathroom cabinet.


What is the production process of bathroom cabinets


2. Cut:


According to the professional production workbook (customized products according to the specially drawn drawings), according to the specific mold, the required materials for different parts are cut into different sizes.


3. Grinding:


Polish the opened wood to remove burrs, residual bark and scratches on the surface. This procedure will be repeated many times during the production process.


4. Drill:


Use professional precision bench drills and other professional tools to pre-drill the structural mounting holes for the wood. The secondary process is professionally designed to ensure that no mounting holes can be seen on the surface of the installed bathroom cabinet.


5. Fight;


The imported raw materials are generally about 1000*60*20MM wood strips. To make the side panels, door panels, bottom panels and other parts of the bathroom cabinet, it must go through the process of "spelling". The paneling is a process that pays more attention to craftsmanship and production accuracy. , First of all, the selected and polished wood materials of the same size are placed side by side in a specific mold, and the splicing board is coated on the parts that need to be spliced, and then pressurized and fixed at the same time from the surrounding and up and down with professional clamps, and keep it for more than 24 hours Yes; at the same time, in the process of assembling, there are large surfaces such as the bottom plate. Professional engineers will calculate and slot according to the force area and the expansion and contraction coefficient to prevent the cabinet from deforming in the future use (principle: rail joints and Grooving on the cement pavement).


6. Toss:


The assembled cabinet board is polished several times with a professional polishing machine. The polishing machine includes a flat polishing machine, a special-shaped polishing machine, a spherical polishing machine, an irregular polishing machine and a manual polishing machine to process wood of different shapes. There are special classifications of initial polishing and fine polishing at the same time in the polishing machine. The polishing wheel used has a difference in thickness and material. Its functions:


A Remove the benefited jigsaw glue;


B Remove the fine burrs on the wood surface;


C Polishing also detects whether the surface of the puzzle is straight or not;


D Polish the wood texture to make the wood texture more three-dimensional;


E is convenient for painting etc.


7. Cut:


The wooden boards that have gone through the previous steps have begun to take shape, but to become a part of the bathroom cabinet, they need to go through a "cutting" process. This process requires extremely high precision. The error of each component of the bathroom cabinet is less than calculated in millimeters, so it is required to perform another measurement on the part after the jigsaw, and cut off the parts that do not meet the needs to meet the requirements for installation after painting. Sometimes it is required to test all the components on site to test it. Error; (The size ratio of the bathroom cabinet is determined after repeated trials by designers and experts, to ensure that the appearance ratio and practical functions are at a high level, and once the style is determined, it will not be easily changed)


8. Paint:


The use of professional polyester paint ensures that it is insect-proof and waterproof in terms of use requirements; unique and generous colors are a major key to maintaining high-end in the market. Among them, it is divided into primer and topcoat, which need to be applied four times in total. The function of primer is to seal wood pores, fix color, and remove small wood thorns; topcoat, wait until the primer is dry before you can apply topcoat, and the final performance of the topcoat The color of the cabinet is also water-proof and insect-proof. It takes a long time to paint. For the sake of personal quality, the painting process cannot be simplified to shorten the production time. Therefore, the painting process of a bathroom cabinet takes more than 3 days. The paint workshop has a strict operation process, especially the top paint workshop, because the top paint must be assembled after the top paint is dried, so it is required that there is no dust in the workshop, and all the workers in the top paint workshop must wear masks.


9. Install:


Assemble the dried components on a professional installation table, and check whether the cabinet has size, installation, and paint problems. After the assembly is finished, wrap the box with plastic wrap and fix it with large-size wooden crates outside the carton.


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