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Espejo rectangular winer M & G


Tamaño disponible:500x700mm, 600x900mm, 700x900mm, 700x1000mm, 600x1200mm, 900x1200mm, etc.

Espesor disponible: 3 mm;4 mm;5 mm;6 mm

Espejo espejo de pared redondeado - winer M & G artículos de baño

China Frameless Mirror manufacturer





  Height     400mm  
  Width       914mm  
  Mirror Thickness       5mm  
  Weight      6.85kg  


Technical & Features

  Material    Glass  
  Mirror type   Silver mirror; Copper free mirror; Aluminum mirror  
  Shape  Racktrack  
  Edge processing   Round edge ( matte/polish) 
  Orientation   Vertical & Horizontal  
  Fixing kit included   Available  
  Hanging rotation   Vertical & Horizontal  
  Package   Bulk package or individual package  
  Extra service   Logo & color print carton  


WINER M&G Frameless Mirror


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When there is dirt on the Mirror Round Corner Wall Mirror surface, it will affect people's use, so it is necessary to clean it. If you want to achieve the ideal effect of cleaning, you can use vinegar. First, make vinegar and water into a solution according to the proportion. Generally, the proportion of water is 2, and the proportion of vinegar is 1, You can use newspaper to wipe Mirror Round Corner Wall Mirror. Dip the newspaper with the prepared water vinegar solution, and then wipe it. After wiping the dirt, use a dry soft cloth to wipe the mirror. After wiping the mirror, you can make Mirror Round Corner Wall Mirror look bright and new.

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